We would like to introduce you to Faith Rivard. Faith is like any other five year old! She loves her friends and family, smiles constantly, hates being left out, and is overflowing with joy. However, Faith was also born with Cerebral Palsy.

   She is the youngest of the four Rivard children. Her parents Andre and Natalie were born and raised in our small-town community of Legal, Alberta. Andre is a farmer and Natalie is a stay at home mother and full time care giver to Faith. Faith's condition leaves her with many difficulties and challenges. She is tube fed and wheel chair dependant,  in addition to being nonverbal.  

   The Rivard family is in the process of taking over the family farm. The house needs multiple upgrades to make the home accessible to Faith. These include an elevator to access the basement, a wheel chair accessible entryway, raising the sunken living room, tracks and a lift system for Faith's bedroom and bathroom, and building a deck and ramp to make the outside available to her. These  renovations are specifically to make the home function for Faith. Due to the size and age of the home as well as the equipment and upgrades, these necessities are extremely costly. 

   COVID 19 has depleted any available funding that would normally have been distributed to families like the Rivards. These organizations have not been able to fundraise for these deserving families so help is unavailable to them. 

  Our GOAL is to fund the necessary upgrades and equipment needed for Faith's long term care, but our HOPE is to receive enough donations to make the house a home for this extraordinary family.


Over $1700.00 raised!